Wow – we’re so lucky that Fabian Mach (doing all the work) is “helping us” create this up-to-date website.  He’s wonderfully patient with my total ignorance about these things, and he’s a fun guy to work with. I’m trying to do him justice by providing some text, for various “posts” and “pages,” while bizarre new state-bureaucratic requirements demand most of my time, not to mention “working” from 8:30 to 6:30 M-F. I can’t think of any start better than thanking him, and announcing this hopefully pivotal moment in the idealistic, struggling, but ever-enduring 20-year local history of The Planet. I hope to add some more “posts” right away, though I doubt it will be as many as I would like, at first, but I’m finding this new project really exciting and fun, so keep checking back.
– Dave